Chemical regulation

Notification of new chemicals

CSCL, Chemical Substance Control Law

is to establish a system for evaluating the properties of new chemical substances in order to prevent environmental pollution by chemical substances that pose a risk of impairing human health or of interfering with the population and/or growth of flora and fauna. 

The history is the oldest chemical substance control law in the world come into effect in 1973 after PCB pollution caused health hazard.

The authorities are METI, MHLW, MOE. It is jointly administered law.

Notification is required before manufacturing, using, or importing chemicals that do not have a CSCL number(MITI number). CSCL number can search by NITE-CHRIP and/or J-CHECK.

ISHL, Industrial Safety and Health Law

is a law aimed at ensuring the safety and health of workers in the workplace and promoting the formation of a comfortable working environment.
Notification is required before manufacturing or importing new chemical substances under ISHL. If the weight exceeds 100 kg per year, it is necessary to attach a hazard study (reversion mutagenicity test (Ames test)).

The authorities is MHLW.

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